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The Courtyard

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Commercial office tenants are looking for customized office build-outs, with personalized building cosmetics and services that speak to their corporate brand. This kind of highly personalized design means that creating a high-end tenant experience has evolved beyond rent-collection and bill paying.

Keeping the office relevant

The most savvy vertically integrated real estate investment firms know that embracing the cultural focus on amenities, service, and branding, is vital to maximizing revenue generation and improving tenant retention levels.

By improving the overall experience we are able to stay close to our tenants and can anticipate and meet their expectations to add value for institutional landlords.

Today’s tech and media tenants are demanding more and willing to pay a premium for their rentable square footage, which has caught the interest of institutional landlords. A tenant centric mindset requires effort and resources, but this focus pays dividends. Being able to communicate quickly and effectively with tenants, like with an updated web portal, helps bring down costs and service times.

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